Sunday, 22 November 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

Book Covers

The background for this cover really draws the attention, at first I wasn't sure whether it would work but after playing around with the brightness and colour balance I was happy with it. As for the figure in the foreground I chose because the way he is standing suggests he is a tempter and could be persuasive. I darkened the figure up and it seemed to work over the top.

For this cover I felt it was important to choose the right free-falling figure and place it correctly on the page, in this case next to the sunset and a decent amount away from the ground. This is a very bold graphic piece and I think simple really does work here.

This cover works really well for 'the case of the black eyed blonde', although I've changed the colour of this woman's hair its still clear she's a blonde and I think the red and black compliment each other well. The black of the facial features is very nice and defined as well as the cheekbone.

This book cover was done for the title 'green for danger', and shows a soldier in a gas mask. I put in the fading green colour around him to act as green gas surrounding him.