Thursday, 7 January 2010


These are a set of four posters done thinking about the idea of the slaughter of birds.

These are two sets of screen prints of the bird posters below, to get some different versions of the originals.

These pieces combine birds with typography, using the new theme 'nature'.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


This is an advertising poster for high contrast's new album, done for the theme 'new music'.

This poster is really a play on words, rather than rocket fuelled, its a 'raging fuelled' bull, with fire coming out of it.

Here are two posters done in the style of Russian war posters, using the Russian font. They work well together as a pair and link well.

this was done for the magic theme and is supposed to show floating cards which do look like magic on the poster but really its not, which prompted the title 'what is magic, not this...'

The theme that this poster was centred around was heroes welcome. So I brought the three best known super heroes together. I made each hero into a graphic image and then lightened and darkened some areas which took a while to get right but I think I managed to get it right.

The title of this poster is genius, I had the original 3d glasses and raving hand gestures and thought it would be cool to add in Einsteins face as if he was raving in the spotlight. Thats why its 'absolute genius', Einstein raving.

This was the first poster I produced of a series of 10. We were given themes to choose from and base are posters around. The title of this one was 'broken' so i played around with this image of a women and called it 'broken women'.

List Project

The list that I had to make work from was the top 6 album covers. I started thinking how I could represent this in a positive way, so I thought showing each cover as a poster on a bedroom wall would do this well, with a figure relaxing at a desk with obvious 'good taste'.

Twins Project

For this image I started multiplying myself, each standing in a box one behind the other. With contrasting colours of the boxes and the figures in it.

I wasn't there when this project was set so I didn't have a twin, so I thought how I could show myself as a twin. I thought this mirror image worked well with a perspective angle going on as well.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

Book Covers

The background for this cover really draws the attention, at first I wasn't sure whether it would work but after playing around with the brightness and colour balance I was happy with it. As for the figure in the foreground I chose because the way he is standing suggests he is a tempter and could be persuasive. I darkened the figure up and it seemed to work over the top.

For this cover I felt it was important to choose the right free-falling figure and place it correctly on the page, in this case next to the sunset and a decent amount away from the ground. This is a very bold graphic piece and I think simple really does work here.

This cover works really well for 'the case of the black eyed blonde', although I've changed the colour of this woman's hair its still clear she's a blonde and I think the red and black compliment each other well. The black of the facial features is very nice and defined as well as the cheekbone.

This book cover was done for the title 'green for danger', and shows a soldier in a gas mask. I put in the fading green colour around him to act as green gas surrounding him.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Digital Art & Design

Here is the same image again just experimenting with it in different ways to the last one. I prefer the composition of this one, you can clearly see the foreground card with the ones in the background showing through. Also the dark and light blue flow into each other well with the black of the spades dominating the image.

For this image I simply played around with the colour balance and the brightness of the background used below to see if it would work out well. I think its alright, I like the way each spade is really defined by its colour, but generally I'm not overly enthused by this piece.

Again the background here is taken from the card section of that first image, which is zoomed in enough to show all the different sized spades. I then put another bird illustration over the top progressing from the image below, the two go well together as a pair.

You might recognise the background of this image from my very first post. I zoomed into the glove section and got a quite nice textured effect, so I stayed with it and stuck this bird illustration over the top.

The background for this was taken from a zoomed in part of the image below. I found the figure in a newspaper and thought the phrase would work well with it. Overall a nice piece.

This image turned out unexpectedly well. I started out by drawing some green triangles on a page with random bits of newspaper cut offs, then just started to play around with the shapes and sizes of parts of the images and copied around until I was happy with the composition.

I really like this image, the shadow of the face really shows through with the lines fading into the background.

This one took a while to get right, I started to lose interest in it. but then the idea of decreasing the size of the words and increasing the transparency gave it a bit of life.

This was done using the same foundations as the image below but I changed the colour balance of it and it became completely different visually.

The background of this image I did by using a ruler to spread paint in lines around the page, once scanned in to photoshop I changed the lightness of it and added the text over the top.

For this image I played around with the brief words we were given. I varied the transparency of some of the words to get a partly opaque, partly transparent effect. I think the positions of the words work really well.

This image was originally a figure I found in a newspaper, I enlarged this figure and put the smaller one inside it with type from the article over the top

I started off doing the Digital Art and Design workshop which involved scanning in various works done by hand on paper. Then once scanned, put into photoshop and played
around with. I got some interesting results using this method.

This was the first image i produced in this workshop, i started adding random things like the rubber glove and the card which both started to look really interesting when experimented with.